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Do you know the warning signs of oral cancer? If not, you are in luck, because our team is happy to tell you about them! Oral cancer is dangerous and can be fatal, especially when neglected. That is why watching out for oral cancer can help you should the condition ever arise.

Our dentist, Dr. Alison Scott, can give you an oral cancer screening. Every six months, our dental team can give you a checkup which includes oral cancer screenings. Furthermore, our team at Lasting Impressions Dental Group in Houston, Texas, has provided you with some information on the warning signs of oral cancer.

Here are the warning signs of oral cancer to look for:

– Bleeding: Any mysterious bleeding in your mouth is always a danger sign that should never be ignored.

– Patches: if you see white, red or speckled areas in your mouth, this could be a warning sign of oral cancer.

– Restrictions: If you find it hard to eat, swallow foods or drinks, talking or even moving your jaw and tongue, there could be a tumor stopping these things from happening.

– Inflammation: Swelling or lumps on your lips and gums or anyplace inside your mouth is always a sign something is wrong.

– Sensitivity: If you have baffling tenderness, numbness or loss of feeling in your face, mouth or neck, you need to see a professional right away.

Have you noticed any of these symptoms in your oral health? If so, call us today at 713-528-0040 to make an appointment. We are happy to give you an oral cancer screening and help you and your oral health in any way we can.